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Traditional Braces in HoustonTeeth that are crooked and are poorly positioned in your gums can do more than just damage your smile, they can also lead to serious oral health conditions like gum disease and jaw issues. The Houston dental team at Dentistry of Highland Village can perform professional procedures that can realign your teeth and restore your smile. Typically, misaligned teeth can be noticed early on, but there can be instances where teeth shift and adults require braces. If you or your child do in fact need braces, call or use the online booking tool today and arrange an initial consultation to learn more.

Braces Q & A

Why do I need braces?

Braces are metal attachments that shift the placement of your teeth and are used to correct crowded or crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth cause your upper and lower jaws meet improperly, giving you a “bad bite.” Whether you’re a child or an adult, wearing braces can help fix your teeth. significantly and keep you away from other costly oral health issues in the future.

If you don’t address your crooked and crowded teeth, it not only affects your smile. Misaligned teeth can also develop into more serious oral health issues, including:

  • Tooth decay or loss
  • Tooth discoloration (yellow teeth)
  • Gingivitis and more serious gum diseases
  • Pain when speaking or chewing
  • Jaw issues

How does the procedure to install braces work?

Typically, the procedure begins with a deep teeth cleaning. Next, our ortho specialists will administer a strong adhesive substance to your teeth to attach the metal brackets to. Once the brackets are in the right place, your Houston dentist secures them using arch wire and elastic. The entire process will take about 2 hours from start to finish.

You will probably feel some slight discomfort afterwards and that is pretty standard. Right after getting your braces, your tongue and cheek might rub uncomfortably against your braces. After about a week your mouth should adjust and you will be used to how they feel inside your mouth.

How long do I need braces for?

How long you might need braces for depends solely on your specific condition. You could need braces for as little as one year or up to three years. But, before getting your braces, the team at Dentistry of Highland Village will develop a treatment plan with you and help you understand how long you might need to be in you braces for the best possible results. During your regular visits to the dentist while you have your braces, the time frame may be adjusted depending on how your treatment is coming along. You can rest assured that our team will always keep you well informed.

While you have braces, they can only be removed safely by a professional dentist.

How do I take care of my braces?

Maintaining proper upkeep of your braces is an integral part of making sure you don’t add time to how long you need to keep your braces on for.  Keeping good oral hygiene while you have braces is also very important as bacteria that is built up can lead to more expensive problems down the line. Brush and floss regularly, just as you would without braces to keep your teeth and gums healthy during your ortho process. Also, try to minimize sugar and fat intake as this can lead to excess plaque buildup around your braces and cause more visits to the dentist.

If you or your child need braces, call or use the online booking tool today and set up a consultation. The Houston dentists at Dentistry of Highland Village will make sure you are well taken care of!



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