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Teeth whitening procedures can address and fix stains and discoloration on your teeth. This can give you a smile that boosts your self-confidence. At Dentistry of Highland Village, Houston dentists Dr. Rushi Dave, Dr. Amy Milman, Dr. Mili Shah, and their team provide both in-office teeth whitening procedures and at-home options. With modern advances in teeth whitening and its overall availability to the public, there’s no excuse to put off rejuvenating your smile. Call or use the online booking tool today and make an appointment to learn more.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why should I consider teeth whitening?

If your teeth have stains or have yellowed over time due to coffee stains or smoking, you should consider some of the whitening solutions that we offer. Also over time, poor brushing and flossing habits can catch up to you, and your teeth deteriorate and change color.

Several different factors can contribute to tooth discoloration or extrinsic stains, including:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Certain foods and drinks high in acid (red wine, dark tea, coffee, etc.)
  • Aging

Your teeth become yellower when the enamel thins out and reveals more of the dentin, which has a more yellow hue to it.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to remove the colors that are not uniform. This process helps break apart stains on your teeth into smaller, less concentrated areas. This then makes your teeth appear brighter, whiter, and healthier looking. Hydrogen peroxide, which is used as a powerful bleaching agent, is typically the active ingredient in whitening products. The process is simple and usually brings remarkable results that are not replicated with over the counter products.

What are my teeth whitening options?

The team at Dentistry of Highland Village specializes in the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed procedure. This simple, innovative whitening treatment takes less than an hour on average. You can come in for a teeth whitening on your lunch break and make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter!

First, our Houston dentist will evaluate your current shade of your teeth so that you notice the drastic before and after difference. They will then apply a whitening gel on your your teeth and shine a custom WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth that speeds up whitening process. After treatment, they apply a post-treatment gel onto your teeth to limit tooth sensitivity that allows the results to last.

Take-home whitening trays are also available for free after you receive in-office whitening. With your take-home tray, you can whiten your teeth at home and touch up your smile whenever you want or need. Our team will educate you and show you the proper way to use your take-home kit.

Is teeth whitening safe?

The simple answer is yes, it is very safe. If it is done by a professional or overseen by one of our Houston cosmetic dentists, you will have results that last and that are very safe. You may notice increased tooth sensitivity shortly after a whitening procedure, but that should subside on its own relatively quickly.

If you have any questions after a whitening treatment, or you want to book an appointment to have a whitening procedure done, please call or use the online booking tool today!



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