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Tooth Pain - Dental Emergencies in Houston, TX

Dental emergencies can turn a smile into a painful hassle. Whether it’s simple tooth pain or a broken jaw, dental emergencies need prompt treatment so patients can smile brilliantly and without pain. That’s why the Houston emergency dentists at Dentistry of Highland Village offer same-day emergency dentistry services. 

Keep reading to learn more about our immediate emergency dental services and how to care for yourself until you can visit us or call our Houston office at (713) 360-7700

What are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are critical situations involving the teeth, gums, or oral structures that require immediate attention to relieve pain, stop bleeding, prevent infection, or save a tooth. These emergencies include severe toothaches, injuries resulting in broken or knocked-out teeth, abscesses, oral bleeding, and issues with dental devices like braces. 

Dental emergencies demand urgent assessment and treatment to address the immediate concerns and prevent further complications. Undergoing emergency dentistry services at Dentistry of Highland Village can address these urgent and unforeseen dental issues to preserve your health.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental services offer various advantages, notably in addressing urgent dental issues promptly. Some of the many benefits of visiting an emergency dentist’s office for immediate care include:

  • Prompt Pain Relief: Immediate care alleviates severe dental pain, offering comfort and reducing distress.
  • Timely Diagnosis and Treatment: Rapid access to care allows for swift diagnosis and appropriate treatment, preventing conditions from worsening.
  • Preservation of Oral Health: Addressing urgent issues as soon as possible helps maintain oral health, preventing complications and reducing risks of further problems.
  • Prevention of Complications: Seeking immediate attention can prevent serious complications and more traumatic dental injuries, such as the spread of infection or further damage.
  • Saving Dislodged or Injured Teeth: Swift intervention in cases of dental trauma can increase the chances of saving permanent teeth.
  • Reduced Discomfort and Anxiety: Emergency dental services aim to minimize both physical discomfort and emotional distress through timely care.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Services are available when urgent situations arise, ensuring immediate care without long waits, especially during weekends or holidays.
  • Preservation of Aesthetic Appearance: Early treatment of emergencies helps maintain a confident smile and reduces cosmetic issues.
  • Patient Education and Follow-up: Emergency care includes educating patients on preventive measures and follow-up appointments for continuous oral health monitoring.

Common Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

The best way to handle any emergency is to be prepared. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and tips on how to handle them until you can see one of our emergency dentists:

Severe Toothache

Intense and persistent toothaches could indicate an underlying issue, like dental infections or dental decay, that needs immediate assessment and treatment. Rinse with warm water, gently floss around the area, and use a cold compress to alleviate discomfort. Do not place aspirin directly on your gum tissue, as this can cause severe burns. Once you can see your Houston emergency dentist, they may recommend an emergency treatment such as root canal treatment or tooth extraction to alleviate the pain.

Trauma or Injury

Accidents, falls, or sports-related injuries can cause chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth. Handle a knocked-out tooth by the crown so you don’t disturb any remaining organic material in the root, and attempt to reinsert it into the tooth socket if possible. 

For chipped or broken teeth, rinse your mouth with a mild salt water solution and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Lost Filling or Crown

A lost dental filling or dental crown can expose sensitive tooth tissue, requiring prompt attention to prevent further damage. Save the filling or crown, gently clean the tooth, and temporarily cover the area.

Abscess or Infection

Infections, often indicated by swelling, pain, or pus, can lead to severe complications if not addressed immediately. Rinse your mouth, use a cold compress, and take over-the-counter pain relievers to help alleviate discomfort.

Bleeding Gums or Oral Tissues

Uncontrolled bleeding from gums or other soft tissues could indicate trauma or advanced periodontal disease. Gently rinse your mouth, apply pressure to the area, and seek emergency care if the bleeding continues.

Object Stuck Between Teeth

An object stuck between your teeth can be uncomfortable and concerning. This dental emergency can cause irritation, pain, and potential damage to the surrounding teeth and gums. To handle this situation until you can see a dentist, try rinsing your mouth with warm water to dislodge the object. Gently use dental floss to try and dislodge the object and avoid using sharp objects that could worsen the situation. If you’re unable to remove the object or experience severe pain, it’s essential to seek immediate dental care.

Broken Jaw

A broken jaw is a severe dental emergency characterized by pain, swelling, and potential deformities around the mouth and jaw. To manage it, stabilize the jaw with a bandage, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling, and manage pain with over-the-counter medications. Maintain a soft diet, and seek immediate medical attention to prevent further injury.

Orthodontic Issues

Problems with braces or other orthodontic appliances can cause significant discomfort or injury to the mouth. Address protruding or broken wire by covering it with orthodontic wax and save any loose parts, then seek advice promptly for pain or injury caused by orthodontic appliances like broken braces.

Frequently Asked Questions

While most dental emergencies aren’t life-threatening, delaying care can lead to severe pain, additional dental injuries, infections, and further complications. Immediate attention is crucial to prevent these situations from worsening.

Typically, it’s advisable to call an emergency dental clinic before arriving. However, these clinics understand the urgent nature of dental issues and often accommodate emergencies by offering guidance and prioritizing those in immediate need.

Emergency dental clinics often accept dental insurance, but coverage might vary. It’s recommended to check with the clinic beforehand to understand payment options, insurance acceptance, and potential out-of-pocket costs.

In cases where immediate dental care isn’t accessible, manage discomfort using over-the-counter pain relief, applying cold compresses, and maintaining oral hygiene until you can reach a dental professional. If symptoms worsen, seek urgent medical attention at the nearest hospital.

Call Us To Quickly Handle Your Dental Emergency

During dental emergencies, pain and challenges can suddenly take over, but there’s a solution close at hand. At Dentistry of Highland Village in Houston, TX, we’re here to swiftly address your dental emergencies. Our skilled dentists are dedicated to providing exceptional emergency dentistry services, offering immediate relief and treatment so your smile stays healthy and pain-free. 

Whether it’s a severe toothache, a broken jaw, or a lost crown, our team is ready to help. Reach out to Dentistry of Highland Village by calling (713) 360-7700 for immediate emergency dental care. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, including Highland Village, River Oaks, and Bellaire.



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